Corporate Communication

What is Corporate Communication?

Corporate Communication is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating favorable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends. It is the messages issued by a corporate organization, body, or institute to its audiences, such as employees, media, channel partners and the general public. Organizations aim to communicate the same message to all its stakeholders, to transmit coherence, credibility and ethics.

Corporate communication helps organizations explain their mission, combine its many visions and values into a cohesive message to stakeholders. The concept of corporate communication could be seen as an integrative communication structure linking stakeholders to the organization.

The following topics will be professionally and elaborately discussed upon which a certificate will be accorded the participants of the master class.
  • Basics of corporate communication

  • Corporate branding

  • Corporate and organizational identity

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Corporate reputation

  • Crisis communication

  • Internal/employee communication

  • Investor relations

  • Public relations: issues management and media relations

  • Issues management

  • Media relations

  • Company/spokesperson profiling

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