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Every successful leader is a vision bearer. The best visions, guidance and directions can only be spearheaded by God. For this reason we rally every April as a team of Ministers & CEOs to rub minds together even as we are lead by the HOLY SPIRIT. Each Conference is mind blowing. With the best speakers provided each year, we get fortified and packaged for greater achievements.
Gents all over the nation rally every July for a time of reshaping. A true gentleman is always polite and courteous. He has several outstanding qualities he must inculcate. Above all, he is a noble leader. All these an a lot more on the table we address as Gents promoting positive societal change and growth.
December 11, 2020
We often get caught up by the dwindles of life and this of course affects our relationships in many ways. I Sprout couples conference is the name, powered by Inspire Africa, with an amazing motive to enhance the unity, love and passion between the spouses while taking their passion to another level.
Raising a world with ladies who are virtuous has been the heartbeat of Inspire Africa. "Virtuousness must be nurtured" says Kencho Edwan. Mindful of this, Isprout Ladies rally every September so as to sprout in every way of life.
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